Our clients utilized Great Lakes Yard material in a wide range of design and build projects, see some stunning examples below.

Roscoe Village Home - By Julie Brandt of Gentoo Inc.

Julie used a mixed palette of grey and brown barn wood to create this custom impact wall.


Custom Bathroom Vanities - built by Rob Christopher of Emotive Reclaimed

Rob created the vanity on the left with a waxed finish on our weathered grey barn siding.  He built the vanity on the right from our salvaged sub flooring. 


Savage Smyth Event Space

Stairway landing / Stage built from 3x14" Douglas fir joists salvaged from a motorcycle clubhouse.  These boards have an unexpected history. in 1994 a rival motorcycle club blew up the building with a car bomb.  The building took a beating, yet the old growth wood withstood the explosion and was left with a char marked patina. The history of our materials brings story to your space. 

Reclaimed Wood Wall

Wall created from reclaimed grain elevator boards in the home of Rebecca Crall, creator of Territory Design.


Oyster Bah - A Lettuce Entertain You restaurant designed by Kelly Harrold

We salvaged this grey siding from a barn outside of Springfield IL. You can also find our corrugated tin and other antiques throughout the space.  


El Che Bar

Our corrugated glass was installed in entrance way along with the top portion of the front window. This glass was once used as industrial skylights in the building that Savage Smyth now occupies.  


Ema - A Lettuce Entertain You Restaurant designed by Avril Zayas using our reclaimed grain tower wood.


Custom Builds - Waldron Bros. Woodworking

Dining table created from our old growth 2x6's and shelving with wine storage created from our old growth 2x10's.